Lightning-speed information acquisition

The technology and software used to run a business is far more complicated than it used to be, and when specific data needs to be found and retrieved from multiple locations, the search process can be daunting for a company.

Recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure call for more attention and focus on the discovery of electronically stored information. Since organizations are liable for all the content held in their systems, it is imperative to understand how your company’s information is stored and begin establishing search methods to quickly locate information.

Provident Technology has the capacity to efficiently search files, messages, and attachments in multiple locations. We can conduct custom searches to quickly locate relevant data and organize results in a variety of ways that fit the needs of outside counsel or legal teams.

Will your business be ready to produce logically organized data in the event you receive a legal discovery request? Contact us to learn more and secure your business’s future!

With over 10 years’ experience, Provident Technology employs a host of eDiscovery products that:
  • Use patented search technology to quickly locate, produce, and organize data
  • Can be offered either onsite or remotely
  • May be conducted offline on a specific computer or within a network