Data Backup

Get peace of mind knowing that your data will be always available

Bob didn’t get the promotion he’s been eyeing, and he’s really upset. He opens Excel, hits ‘Delete All’, and walks out, announcing his resignation. This isn't an uncommon scenario. So what will your organization do if something similar happens and you lose access to important information? How valuable is your data? How long can you survive without critical data?

For most organizations, Microsoft Office is the foundation of their daily operations. If you too are using apps such as Office 365, there's a widespread misconception that you don't need to back up data stored in the cloud. However, Microsoft operates on the shared responsibility model — they maintain their security features and infrastructure but implementing data recovery is your responsibility.

Compromised Office 365 data can range from inconvenient to disastrous. Without an independent backup solution, you risk losing important files, folders, and systems. And when you lose data, you also lose time, productivity, and credibility. You can prevent these by letting Provident Technology backup your data in the cloud.

With Provident Technology, you can be assured that your company information is secure and accessible. We’ll effectively and efficiently manage your data, so when the worst happens, you will be prepared.

Signing up for our cloud-based Data Backup solution lets you:

  • Recover deleted files instantly – No matter the cause, it’s important to have previous versions of your information available quickly in a data loss event. Let Provident Technology help you avoid the high costs of unnecessary downtime.
  • Eliminate unnecessary licensing costs and mitigate risks due to inactive licenses – Once an employee leaves, what do you do with their Office 365 license? You will need the data associated with their account, but paying for an unused license just to access data is wasteful. When Provident Technology backs up your information, we automatically save all Office 365 data — active or inactive — saving you from this unnecessary expense.
  • Protect your information from malware – Even with a comprehensive malware plan, you need complete data backup and restoration capabilities to fully minimize the risk of your information being compromised.