Remote Support

Get peace of mind knowing your systems are monitored 24/7

When your employees have IT problems or questions, who do they call? Employees often turn to managers or co-workers, especially in small and midsize businesses. If they attempt to resolve the issue themselves, or act on bad advice, a minor issue could escalate into a major problem.

Provident Technology offers Remote Support services for all your tech issues. Our experienced technicians can log in to your computers remotely to resolve problems so your employees can stay focused on their jobs.

Our team will remotely monitor and manage your computer systems, uncovering and addressing security and performance issues before they turn into expensive problems.

Our Business Continuity services include:
  • Apply important security patches and updates – consistent patch management is crucial to protecting your computer systems from cyberattacks, and we can take care of it for you
  • Keep track of your IT assets – tracking your IT assets allows us to troubleshoot your IT problems faster and better plan for equipment maintenance and replacement
  • Ensure your computers are at peak performance – we continually monitor the performance of your servers, desktop computers, and other devices
  • Monitor and manage mobile devices – we can help you set up secure mobile environments so you and your staff can stay productive on the go