Security Operations Center as a Service

21st-century Enterprise Security Challenges


In the evolving modern threat landscape, enterprise businesses must go further than ever. Issues of inadequate user authentication protection and endpoint leakage are compounded by exploding network device count and outstripped demand for cybersecurity labor. Provident delivers a future proof Security platform as a service that addresses cybersecurity requirements in an end- to- end fashion.

Today, large enterprises and SMEs need to meet their cybersecurity requirements without straining resources to the breaking point. Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) powers your network with 24x7 monitoring and real-time alerts. Our SOC of world-class cybersecurity experts and industry-leading artificial intelligence cuts down false positives and delivers you real-time detection and remediation.

By feeding SOCaaS with millions of network events, you get an individualized baseline for flagging true security incidents, and manual or automatic remediation. Best of all, our SOCaaS has you covered whether your network is single-site, multi-site, or in the cloud. IT security threats may be moving faster than ever, but that doesn’t mean you have to. No matter your business needs, let us put our security expertise to work for you.