Business Continuity

Take your business to the cloud to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Misfortunes happen every day in businesses. Files become corrupt, hard drives fail, employees accidentally delete folders, and ransomware attacks turn crucial business files into undecipherable gibberish, only retrievable if you pay a ransom fee. Your business needs to be prepared for the unexpected by creating an appropriate data backup strategy and an IT disaster recovery plan.

Provident Technology partners with industry-leading cybersecurity and data backup companies Datto and Acronis to safeguard your business from disasters. Whether you need a professional data protection strategy to ensure complete recovery in minutes or are looking for a compact, device-less backup solution, we have the business continuity and backup solutions you need for total peace of mind at work, at home, and beyond.

Count on Provident Technology to be by your side. Our dedicated technicians will always keep a watchful eye over your servers and desktops, and are ready for immediate action should any problems arise.

Our Business Continuity services include:
  • Backup technique selection
  • Backup verification
  • Backup management and monitoring
  • Full cloud replication
  • Disaster recovery planning