What are watering hole attacks?

When talking about cyberattacks, the first one that usually comes to mind is phishing, a scam that uses email to spread malware or steal personal information. But hackers have a new method to infiltrate your systems, and it’s surprisingly effective.

Understanding and Avoiding Pop-Up Scams

Staying safe online means knowing who’s out to get you and how to avoid them.
Imagine opening your Chrome browser to a screen that looks like this:

If you’re a Google Chrome user, there’s a chance that you’ll encounter this error. It could happen when you start up your browser or pop up while you’re using a website.

SEO Refresher: Optimizing for Branded and Unbranded Searches

How are your site’s users arriving at your key pages? Are they searching using your organization’s name, or are they using general terms to access information on your services? Gaining a solid understanding of the difference between branded and unbranded searches is a great way to better understand your audience while increasing your SEO rankings.

Ready to Create Effective Web Copy?

Brush up on your copywriting game and create content that makes an impact!
Making regular updates to your blog page gives you the ideal platform to push a variety of content to your community. You can start a conversation, convey important information, explore new ideas, and so much more.

Looking Towards Tech in 2018

As 2018 approaches, it’s time to start looking ahead to the tech trends that might define the coming year. Though the ubiquitous flying car predictions may need to wait on driveleless technology to catch up first, there are a few things we can realistically look towards in 2018:

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning – From medicine to banking to powering those driverless cars, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the way forward in making automation truly intelligent.

Find the Right Plugin For Reordering Posts in WordPress

If you’re working with a WordPress website, it’s likely that at some point you’ll want to reorder the posts that you put on a specific page. Whether you need to reverse their order wholesale or just want to tweak the positioning on a single post, getting the job done in WordPress is easy with the right plugin.

Why Update Your Site’s SSL Certificate?

What is an SSL certificate? An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates a website’s identity by binding a cryptographic key to your organization’s digital details. When installed on a web server, an SSL certificate triggers a padlock and HTTPS protocol that allows a secure connection between the server and browser.

Are You Ready for Two-Factor Authentication?

Almost any account is prone to being hacked – if it’s happened to you before, you know that the results can be anything from irritating to disastrous. Hackers might use your account to post spam, target friends and family, or worse. The good news is that most accounts have an option for adding an extra layer of security called two-factor authentication.