Are You Ready for Two-Factor Authentication?

Almost any account is prone to being hacked – if it’s happened to you before, you know that the results can be anything from irritating to disastrous. Hackers might use your account to post spam, target friends and family, or worse. The good news is that most accounts have an option for adding an extra layer of security called two-factor authentication.

2017 End-of-Support Deadlines

Microsoft and Apple will end support for some of their older software and hardware products in the coming year. This means the companies will no longer release security patches and updates, or offer phone/web support for the aging products. In December, Apple will re-classify  a handful of 2009 and 2011 machines as “vintage” or “obsolete”, ending their eligibility for future hardware service or new parts.

Ransomware Alert: iPhone, iPad & iCloud

We want you to be aware of new ransomware targeting iOS devices that could temporarily lock down your iPhone, iPad, and iCloud account. You’ll know you have it if your lock screen displays a cryptic message (usually demanding a sum of money) instead of the usual “swipe to unlock” slider.

Backing Up Your iPhone Memories

By Gaurang Bham, Technical Writer

The Fourth Of July is always a momentous part of the year; we celebrate the birth of our great nation in the company of friends, family and a nice barbeque! Top it all off with fireworks, and you’re in for a weekend full of merriment and memories.

LinkedIn Breach and Password Security

The social network LinkedIn is the latest company making headlines after a security breach compromised 117 million of its users’ accounts. The initial breach occurred in 2012, but it wasn’t until this month that the stolen data was posted for sale on an online hacker forum.

Datto Drive invite and 1TB Free Storage

We want to take the opportunity to invite our clients to Datto Drive, a brand new file storage platform presented by our business partner, Datto.

Datto Drive is a best-in-class File Sync & Share tool that will allow your team to store and collaborate on all of your files & projects from any operating system or mobile device.

Productivity meets Portability with Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 2016 is here with a host of new features for Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, and OneNote. The new release succeeds Office 2013 and Office for Mac 2011, and while many will choose upgrade now or hold out for a future version, others with Office 365 subscriptions are getting the update automatically at no extra cost.

McAfee Email Protection – End of Service Announcement

Intel Security will discontinue McAfee Email Protection on January 11, 2017.
Provident recently learned that that Intel is phasing out McAfee Email Protection, a service protecting many of our Exchange email accounts. We are already working to identify a new security solution, and will soon announce a replacement system.