Making Email Encryption Easy with Provident Bracket

Have you ever needed to send a sensitive email – perhaps containing information you want only your management team to see? Or financial data which a client has entrusted to your accounting firm? Or an update regarding a client’s recent court case?

There are many everyday situations in which companies need to protect the information and data they are sending via online transactions. Up until now, there has not been an easy, no-hassle encryption solution. Encrypting an email in the past meant installing specific programs which required regular updates, creating accounts for a service rarely used, and remembering passwords. People wanting to ensure the safety and security of their emails had to take many steps to get there. With Provident Bracket, user-friendly encrypted email is finally available – and offers many benefits.

The ideal encryption product. Users can securely and easily send emails containing sensitive information. Once the end user receives the email, the sender automatically sees when it has been opened. If the receiver replies to the message within the bracketed email, their response is automatically encrypted as well.

No plugins or apps to download or install. Simply wrap the subject in brackets and Bracket painlessly handles the rest!

Multi-layer encryption design with automatic key rotation. Though Bracket is easy to use, the encryption techniques employed by the program are state-of-the-art. With Bracket, the user never has to wonder if the sensitive data they send is safe.

Any email client and operating system can be used to send encrypted data. Sending encrypted data is not confined to a specific OS or mail client. Instead, Bracket provides users with the option to send encrypted email from any email client – whether iPhone, Android, Windows, Linux, or PC.

Provident Technology now offers Bracket for clients wanting to keep sensitive information and data protected. Contact us today to get you started and give you peace of mind that the sensitive nature of your company’s business remains private!