Advantages of Managed Service Providers

There are many benefits to having an outsourced managed service provider (MSP). How many times has your company needed technological service and maintenance, or IT support? The potential for needing increased services as your equipment ages and your computer programs become more obsolete is almost guaranteed. Most organizations devote 80% of IT resources to simply maintaining the status-quo – troubleshooting, reacting to issues that crop up, patching, and provisioning. That leaves little time to devote to strategic projects that address new opportunities and deliver real business value!

Hiring a MSP will ensure you stay current with the latest software patches, operational support, and application updates – functions that are too often pushed to the back burner in internal IT organizations that are stretched thin. Offloading some of the day-to-day monitoring and maintenance tasks to a MSP can free up internal IT resources for more strategic endeavors.

What do you currently go through to obtain IT service? Likely, you take time out of your day to identify the problem – perhaps even attempting to fix it on your own. If you cannot successfully rectify the problem, you locate a provider who can and then wait in their service queue. The risk for incurring tremendous cost paying for those services by the hour is high. The cost of maintaining hardware (such as data centers) can become a huge task for companies. That’s why today, almost all enterprises outsource at least some of the IT resources and activities necessary to support business operations. Most MSPs bill a flat or near-fixed monthly fee which benefits their clients with a predictable IT support cost. Typically, the service provider remains accountable for the functionality and performance of managed services and does not relinquish the overall management responsibility of the organization or system.

IT providers monitor and manage technological services for their clients as they come up, as well as well as on a maintenance basis. When you contract with a third-party to provide a selective list of services, you get the service you need without the high cost. With Provident Technology as your IT service provider, you lose the hassle and expense – and gain your time and peace of mind.

Rather than paying hourly on an ad-hoc basis, Provident Technology works with clients to reduce their capital expense and save money. Clients see an improvement in their current service levels by paying a flat monthly rate for day-to-day support response, troubleshooting, and problem resolution – and gain added benefits.

Benefits of Provident Technology as Your Managed Service Provider

  • Reduced Capital Expense. In addition to purchasing hardware and infrastructure, the internal management, maintenance, and support of IT infrastructure incurs tremendous costs. Outsourcing the equipment required to manage those systems reduces setup cost. Provident Technology provides predictable recurring costs such as IT support and maintenance, helps your budget’s bottom line, and provides a sense of insurance against unexpected costs.
  • Expert Support and Improved Security. Although companies often have a general understanding of the applications they need, there may not be an expert in server technology and maintenance on staff. By using a MSP, these companies have access to an expert’s assistance in server management, administration, and IT infrastructure which allows them to invest time and resources toward business innovation and expansion. Finding an expert to maintain servers, however, is often difficult since not all enterprises specialize in them. Usually, servers are not set up in a standard manner and the lack of expert personnel to manage it may mean a reduction in reliability and the ability to recover from failure. Keeping security patches up-to-date helps to ensure a company doesn’t fall victim to the latest form of malware. Companies that outsource security tasks, such as security monitoring and vulnerability scanning, will likewise stay ahead of the bad guys. Outsourcing for these services means your IT maintenance is in the hands of experts. At Provident Technology, we provide predictable service every time, offer proactive support (with real-time network monitoring, consistent patching and proper security), and are motivated to improve management rather than bill time.
  • Reduced Cost. Using a MSP means your company saves money on research, recommendations, and review of an action plan – none of which is charged to fixed fee clients. Outsourcing enables cost reduction in terms of expenses such as maintenance and cost on personnel training. Outsourcing administrative services can reduce or eliminate the need to hire and train IT personnel, thereby transforming the costs into a predictable monthly service fee. Due to their economies of scale, experience, and use of best practices, MSPs can often perform functions at a lower cost than an internal IT organization can. Companies find it more economical to outsource the maintenance of IT infrastructure as compared to maintaining it in-house due to the high cost involved in terms of security, power and generator backup, fire suppression, automated backup systems, and on-site spare parts. Provident Technology will give your company 24/7/365 monitoring and response, and meet all of your technological needs for one fixed rate.
  • Fixed Fees. Having a monthly service plan in place provides the highest level of callback, support coverage, and onsite response. We offer one of the highest levels of trusted, secure technological support available in the industry.
  • Quicker Deployment and Upgrade Capabilities. For most companies, designing, procuring, and implementing IT equipment and systems can consume an abundance of time and effort. Most service providers can implement new projects in a much shorter timeframe. At Provident Technology, we are committed to providing you unparalleled service on your Help Desk ticket – often within 24 hours from the time of order.
  • Fewer Personnel Requirements and Leading Industry Expertise. Maintaining IT infrastructure can be complicated and time consuming, and requires the right kind of personnel to manage them. There is often significant cost involved in training employees to efficiently install and maintain the IT infrastructure. For small-to medium-size businesses, replicating such an environment is cost prohibitive. Even large companies could find it more economical to outsource their IT infrastructure than maintain it in-house. By outsourcing your IT service requirements to Provident Technology, you reduce your company’s personnel requirements, and therefore cost, involved in training. We offer a higher level of reliability and performance compared to an enterprise handling the infrastructure on its own.

The importance of having an outsourced MSP is clear. Networks which are left unmonitored and unmanaged lead to critical failures that cause a decrease in client productivity and can negatively affect client revenue. Many clients are not aware of minor problems in their network which can cause network downtime. When you use Provident Technology’s managed services, your technological problems are identified as they occur – resolving issues efficiently and within reasonable response times.

This proactive approach to managed services leads to increased operational efficiency and minimized downtime. You will be able to focus on running your business, and have peace of mind that your environment is being monitored 24/7/365. Contact Provident Technology now and let us show you what we can do to meet your company’s technological service needs!